Saturday, 2 October 2010

Toad Rage

Yesterday evening Lisa and I were on our way for a pub meal to celebrate my birthday. It was not ideal driving conditions, pouring with rain, dark and misty and I was driving down narrow and steep country lanes on my way to Trottiscliffe. So the car that was behind me decides to drive along in my boot with blinding headlights and I’m naturally frustrated by this but there seem to be more doughnuts appearing on the roads these days and i’m generally not intimated by them. Approaching Trottiscliffe village a number of speed bumps have been placed in the narrow lane and you have to slow to 20mph. Luckily for the toads this is what I did (presumably to the annoyance of the doughnut) and saw 2 mature toads just the other side of the first speed bump and in the middle of the lane. I put my brakes on and stopped opened the door and leapt from the car. The car in my boot narrowly missed crashing into me and suddenly reversed back up the lane a ways. At first I didn’t think this was odd as I quickly scooped up the two toads and deposited them safely in the grass verge. It wasn’t until I then got back into my car and pulled away that Lisa mentioned the other driver probably reversed away because they thought I was getting out to ‘have a go at them’, the thought could not have been furthest from my mind but now that she had mentioned it………….