Friday, 24 December 2010

Snow Surprise

I haven’t been out in the snow apart from travelling to and from work. I hate the snow, well actually not really, I just hate the snow in this country. We are totally rubbish at dealing with the smallest amount of snow and it makes the whole snow experience very tedious. Anyway let me talk about waxwings. Kent for once has been invaded by loads of the beauties in big flocks, one at least being estimated at 1,000 birds. Have I seen any, well no, as they have avoided all the berries in my garden and given that I’ve not been out and only been to work, it’s not really that surprising. So yesterday there I was at work in Dartford holding a meeting with some of the folks that I manage, when all of a sudden in the car park appears a flock of waxwings, about 30 birds. Well I did what any sane individual would do, I stopped the meeting and all participants had the opportunity to marvel at these wonderful birds for a minute before we got back to the dull reality of work. I would say that it was probably the best works meeting I had attended or held, although I'm not sure all participants had the same view.