Saturday, 13 September 2008

Isle Of Grain

What a beautiful afternoon and on the back of a fan-tailed warbler in north Kent and a honey buzzard movement along the English east coast I decide to visit Grain for a nose around. There were still some migrants lurking amongst the scrub namely, 6 blackcaps, 5 chiffchaffs and a goldcrest. The group of swallows that had been building up during my last visits seemed to have cleared out and despite a honey buzzard being seen flying south toward Kent from Wakering Stairs in Essex and another seen flying west over RSPB Rainham Marsh, I didn't see any, incompetence on my part, almost certainly :-). It didn't really matter as the invertebrates stole the show for me. Migrant hawkers, common darters, holly blues, common blues, small and large whites, small heaths, meadow browns, red admirals and several fresh comma's were taking full advantage of the glorious weather. I couldn't resist the following photos.
There were a number of holly blues on the wing along with plenty of competing common blues although they were mostly tustling with small heaths. The holly blues preferring the comparative peace of the upper foliage layers.

There are usually a few little egrets feeding on the shoreline as the tide goes out.

Migrant hawkers were very much in evidence in some places occuring in small swarms. The males are just great with their lovely blue markings.

Common darters were also around in good numbers and I'm particularly pleased with this shot. If common darters ate blackberries you might think it was saying 'hands off, this one is mine',

Common Darter

Almost destroyed this web but managed to see the wasp spider at the last minute. In my opinion Britains most beautiful spider, what a cracking beastie.


abbey meadows said...

Lovely shots. I could do with Holly blue, rare up here but years since I saw one.

Greenie said...

John ,
Great photos , realy like the Wasp Spider with the sun behind , still haven't found one this year .
The Fan-tailed Warbler and the Honey Buzzard were probably watching , thinking , why is he photographing invertebrates . Lets hope we get a few more days of weather like that before the cold sets in .

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Great set of shots, great post John.

Steve said...

Some great pics John. My favourite is the little Egret..

Warren Baker said...

Really done well with the camera today John. Like that Migrant hawker.