Sunday, 30 November 2008


Haven't really been that inspired to get out much recently, grey days and all that. Still I have been getting the odd redwing in the garden, but it looks as though the pile of leaves carefully stacked up by the hedgehog have been blown to the four corners of the garden and the little pile that is left looks sodden. I haven't prodded whats left in the vain hope that hedgie might still be there but I don't really think so. To cheer myself up I have started a blog that allows me to reminisce and dust off my old slide collection. Before I went digital in 2005, most of the photos were taken with a Pentax P50 and then in 1990 I upgraded to a Canon EOS10. My selection of lenses was a little limited as I used a Tamron 500 F8 mirror lens and tamron 28-300 zoom, great fun.
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Greenie said...

John ,
Are you sure you are not 'banged up'- it's strange that we don't hear from you for weeks , then you post on a weekend ( release ) ?
Good to hear from you again .

Steve Gale said...

Hi John, I'm pleased that you've posted your travel notes as I do love a good nose through other peoples notebooks. Keep 'em coming!