Saturday, 7 February 2009


At last some warmth from the sun although it was hard to believe, given that everywhere is still carpeted in snow. Whilst enjoying a cuppa and the goldfinches in the back garden I noticed a buzzard soaring over against the blue sky heading north. It is the first I have seen over Longfield since I moved here around 12 years ago, so I nice surprise and a welcome addition to the garden list.
A wander around the local countryside saw me end up in the churchyard down Fawkham lane and I couldn't resist this shot of snowdrops.


Warren Baker said...

It was warm in the sun, but out of it , the temperature soon dropped!

Steve said...

Well done with the Buzzard John. Nice picture of Snowdrops....spring is just around the corner!

Simon said...

Wonderful Snowdrop photo John. Well done with the Buzzard.