Sunday, 24 May 2009

Painted Ladies

This is a painted lady butterfly taken at Queendown Warren in June 2006, normally I see around 10 or so a year on my travels in Kent. Today at Reculver I counted 109 in a 3 hour period and I wasn't really paying that much attention. I gather that many are being seen around the county and we are enjoying an influx of this non resident, migratory species. Taking advantage of being in the east of the county I then moved onto Grove Ferry and connected with the long staying black winged pratincole along with a further 20 painted lady butterflies. I think it could be a very good year for this species in the U.K, at last!


Greenie said...

John ,
Looks like it could be the best for ages for Painted Lady .
Our garden has been feeding them for last 10 days .
Don't forget that Houndstongue .

Warren Baker said...

They are everywhere John!!!

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice pic John Im hoping to post a pic of these myself this week, drop by I have some pics which are more up your alley, cheers Mike.