Friday, 2 December 2011

Sri Lanka

In November Lisa and I went to Sri Lanka for an 18 day trip focusing on some of the harder to see mammals and birds found in the country. We booked through Naturetrek and had a superb local ground agent of Baurs. The Baurs guides and driver were absolutely brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of visiting the country for any type of wildlife trip. In all we saw c. 194 species of birds including 26 endemics, c. 32 species of mammals. A selection of photos below.

White-spotted Chevrotain




Sigiriya Rock Fortress


Serendib Scops Owl


Sri Lanka Frogmouth


Ceylon Blue Magpie


Brown Mongoose


Spot Winged Thrush


Blue Whale


Bryde’s Whale


Sloth Bear




Blue-tailed Bee-eater


Rusty Spotted Cat


Indian Blue Robin


Purple-faced Leaf Monkey


Dull-blue Flycatcher


Ceylon Whistling Thrush


Indian Pitta



Greenie said...

John ,
Fabulous pictures from what sounds like a fabulous trip .
It's a place I want to visit , but Carol isn't so keen .
Good to hear from you again .

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