Thursday, 8 March 2012

Something New For The Area…

Well for me anyway. The day started well enough with an unexpected peregrine falcon flying over the garden whilst I was eating my breakfast. I then waited for the sun to break out and headed back up to the adder site in the hope of finding more adders this time in the company of Neil Tew.
Several blackthorns were in blossom but no accompanying butterflies in the sunshine.12_03_08_mabledon hospital_008_blackthorn
Oddly I also saw a peregrine here as well. I assume it was the same bird although there was a good two hours between the separate sightings.
We managed to see two males, one of which was in a different area than on the 26th Feb so a total of 3 males thus far.
Under one of the refugia we came across a pygmy shrew which was quickly scurried away and that brings me on to the fact that I'm now the Kent mammal recorder as part of the Kent Mammal Group. So if you are reading this post and record your mammal sightings in Kent please send them onto me. At the moment the Kent Mammal Group is planning to create a new mammal atlas so we need all the records we can of both live and dead, marine and terrestrial mammals to get as complete a picture on status as possible. You may be surprised to read that rabbit and rat records are amongst the fewest we have!!
This afternoon Neil showed me a pond nearby where toads have been occurring in good numbers and it was to good an opportunity to miss for a couple of photos. In fact these are the first toad photos I have ever had the opportunity to take and the first toads I have seen in the Longfield area.

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