Sunday, 16 February 2014

Checkout Ma Chakras

So this week I visited Tyland Barn, home of the Kent Wildlife Trust and had a good natter with Sue Morris who heads up the people engagement side of things. Sue introduced me to Sam who is puting together a survey for water voles and mink along parts of the north Kent marshes, keen to get involved and get myself trained up in all things riparian I offered my services. So hopefully come April I will be able to attend a training course and then help our over the spring and summer, cannot wait.

Toad patrol time is getting close, I'm expecting the call from KRAG anytime now to get my fluorescent jacket on and head off to Southfleet protecting toads, frogs and newts from getting squashed as they travel to their traditional ponds to mate and have a good time. At least this year I'll know to help the toads whatever direction they are traveling in. Last year I just assumed the toads going back across the road where confused and heading in the wrong direction. Ooops.

Out for a short walk in the lovely sunshine after seeing 4 buzzards flying over the garden, certainly they seem to be doing well in the local area. 7 spot ladybird and a comma on the wing were nice to see along with a flock of 130 linnets in the surrounding farmland.

Now to the title. Chakras are the meeting points of the non-physical energy channels, seems fairly obvious to me!!! Well Lisa has a much better handle about it all than me, so we visited Glastonbury over the weekend a very interesting place for all things alternative, spiritual, earthie and non-physical energy flows. We were almost put off by the reports of the flooding and were thinking of not going but to be honest the worst of the flooding that we experienced was to the west of Glastonbury and some of the locals we spoke to mentioned that tourists seemed to be staying away due to the inflated media reports of the flooding. Well I'm sure it was not inflated if you were one of the poor people affected but you can understand what the local business folk meant.

A couple of photos here so you can gauge some of the extent as Lisa and I also visited on our way to Cornwall in September 2013. Both of these are taken from the Tor.

Sept 2013.

Just about most of the farmland west of Glastonbury is under water!

Feb 2014

There is a great cake shop in the high street, obviously highly admired by one very patient customer.

In another shop you find yourself in a very different world of alternative medicine, just an amazing display of herbs and aromatherapy based medicinal cures, along with some freaky candles.

They also had an excellent 'Green Man' made from herbs.

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