Sunday, 9 March 2014

Early Spring - So Easy To Miss

Blink and you can miss it. I find that spring is so easily missed, you tend to wait for spring to happen and then realise that it has and summer is fast approaching. March is when it all kicks off big time, and today was no exception, what a beautiful warm and sunny day.

I visited an area close to home and happily spent a couple of hours in the company of many butterflies, I must have had at least 12 brimstones flying up and down the hedgerows along with peacocks and commas. Buzzards were displaying overhead and lizards scurrying about in the leaf litter and basking in the warmth along with a single male adder.

 Backlit cultivated dafodils but the sign of early spring.

This peacock was one of many warming itself after overwintering in the area.
Common lizard catching a few rays.
Common Buzzard, one of 4 in the skies, displaying.

 Eristalis pertinax, the drone fly, a common but distinctive species.

Lesser Celandine, only a few in flower along with violets.

Comma butterfly, so called because of the white 'comma' like mark on the underwing.

Primroses, just make you feel good. 

Male adder, my first for the year.

Only when I had to leave did events take a turn for the worst as folks arrived intent on riding their motorbikes and quad bikes around the same area that all this wonderful wildlife lives in. Such a shame, I doubt they even cared.

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Greenie said...

John ,
Nice selection of Spring species in that welcome sunshine .
But your Tormentil is actually Lesser Celandine .