Friday, 15 August 2008

Longfield - Moths

I've been out of the county a little bit recently. First across the Bay of Biscay guiding for the Company of Whales and it was a bit rough in fact gusting force 7 with a 4 metre swell which made it hard to find whales and dolphins. Over 3 days and with perseverance we managed to see 8 species of cetacean which was great including 3 breaching beaked whales. Then over to Essex to lead some wildlife walks for the Forestry Commission and Thames Chase at a place called Davey Down which went very well and I find good fun to do, especially when the weather is good.
So it was good to get back to Kent and get the moth trap running on Friday. An overnight effort with the mv trap produced straw dot 1, lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing 2, bright-line brown eye 1, pale mottled willow 2, straw underwing 2 and brimstone 1.

Straw Dot, this is a macro moth but could be mistaken for a pyralid type at first glance.

Straw Underwing


Steve said...

welcome back John - glad you had a good trip.

Greenie said...

Good to have you back John .
Thanks for your Speckled-bush Cricket suggestion , but I can't fit the dorsal pattern to it . I will keep searching , but thanks for your time .

Greenie said...

John ,
I've spent some time researching the cricket , but have come back to your conclusion of Speckled-bush .
I can't find another with the same dorsal marking , nor another species with that marking .
Thanks for your help .