Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Walking home this evening, one of my neighbours had found a hedgehog by their garage door. Whilst the neighbour had put down some cat food the hedgehog wasn’t interested and was not really behaving normally, especially wandering around in the day. I managed to pick up the hedgehog wrapping it in an old towel and placing in a box. On calling the RSCPA we were advised to contact our local vets which we duly did. They took in the hedgehog which was having breathing difficulties and also losing blood from its nose. On contacting the vets later in the evening the poor hedgehog had been put to sleep as it had been diagnosed with pneumonia which according to the vets is a common illness in hedgehogs. Such a shame as I’m sure this hedgehog was the one I had seen in the garden on Monday and the first one I had seen in the garden this year.

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Greenie said...

John ,
Such a shame . They are indeed becoming a rareity these days . The number of road kill specimens , almost nil , tells the tale .