Friday, 16 July 2010

A Stroke Of Luck

Having got back home after the cetacean survey on Tuesday evening I found out that the white-tailed plover had appeared at Dungeness on Sunday. On Wednesday evening I found out that it was still there and decided to try and see it after work on Thursday as I had never seen one, anywhere. I arrived at the north end of the ARC pit and parked up amongst the throng of all the 5 other cars. I quickly made it to the hide and fought my way past the 6 other people to finally sit down and see this great looking bird.

10_07_15_white_tailed_plover_036 10_07_15_white_tailed_plover_018
The amazingly few people watching such a rare bird was a surprise but I guess it had been around for a few days/weeks. A stroke of luck for me.

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