Monday, 20 September 2010

Catching Up

Luckily for me a couple of rare waders that had turned up in the county had stuck around so I spent part of today having a good time at Oare Marshes looking at a white-rumped sandpiper, plus an excellent high tide wader roost. Whilst the white-rumped sandpiper remained distant other waders were a little more confiding. Large groups of golden plover flew in to join those already settled.


At one point I estimated the number of golden plovers to be 850. A group of 10 juvenile curlew sandpipers also flew in and started feeding amongst the dunlin and 2 little stints. In amongst the grazing cattle there were also 11 yellow wagtails.
I then moved onto Marshide to a site where a week ago I heard about a colony of willow emerald damselflies that had been found by Dave Brown. Unlike a week ago I had my camera and managed to find 7 individuals that were still in good condition.


So why a willow emerald? Well the pterostigma on the wings are pale and large and the appendages (this is a male) are pale and contrast with segment 10.
In this shot you can also see the forward pointing spike (bronzy colour) on the lower left side of the thorax.

I also had 3 red admirals, 2 commas a small white, banded demoiselle and blue-tailed damselfly.

They had all better watch out though cos in the bushes is lurking…


This beautiful wasp spider was at head height, what a cracker.

I then moved onto Grove Ferry and had great views (albeit slightly distant) of the juvenile Wilsons Phalarope.


Adam said...

What a fantastic day...with some sunshine to boot! A trip I'm hoping to replicate on Wednesday....see if I'm so lucky!


Greenie said...

John ,
Great when a day comes together like that .
Had thought about the Willow Emeralds when I was there , but the wind and the Redstart put me off .
Still to find a Wasp Spider this year .

Anonymous said...

That's a cracking wasp spider photo.