Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Solstice

Visited Grain again this morning between 09:00-12:00, wandering around in a t-shirt in the hot weather and despite the clear blue sky, a few migrants were in the coastal scrub. 21 blackcaps, 12 chiffchaffs and singles of whitethroat, sedge and reed warblers. I also had a group of 20 blue tits which seemed to be moving south through the scrub and a coal tit, presumably all migrants. A local fisherman mentioned to me about large green lizards that he keeps seeing near to the sandy beach just south of the outfall, presumably they are common lizards, so something for me to look out for in the future. Also 10 species of butterfly including a wall which is the first one i've seen at Grain for quite a while and thinking back probably the first one i've seen for a couple of years since my first post for Shorne marshes where I had 2. Back home and in the garden were 2 chiffchaffs, a brimstone and holly blue. Whilst gardening I also disturbed around 10 froglets which i'm right chuffed about. My pond is so full of newts that any tadpoles get eaten and never survive. This year I moved frog spawn into a newt free pool and once the tadpoles were large enough moved them into the main pond and it looks as though my strategy has worked.

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