Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It All Happens At Night!

Been running my actinic trap a couple of times over the last few days and on the first attempt I got totally caught out by the hard frost but unfortunately so did the dead common quaker that was the only moth in the trap. However last night was much better with a new species for me in the shape of a clouded drab. Now what did this reasonable looking moth do to deserve a name like that? Well I guess i’m in a minority to think that it really isn’t that drab, poor thing.

Clouded Drab
Double Stripe Pug11_03_22_moth_015_double_stripe_pug Small Quaker
Recently I purchased a Bushnell trail cam and have been enjoying checking out photos of a hedgehog that is visiting the garden on and off during the night as well as all the local cats that seem to use my garden as a highway! I really wanted to get to know how to use this camera for getting shots of other mammals in the area and last night I setup a camera at a badger sett and was lucky enough to get some shots.


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