Sunday, 13 March 2011

More Moths

Continuing to run my 40w actinic in the back garden as I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate my mv running with so little foliage available to block the light from their bedroom windows. Anyway a better night than before with 7 Hebrew characters, 6 common Quakers, 1 small Quaker and 1 early grey.

Small Quaker11_03_13_moths_021_small_quaker

Hebrew Character

Early Grey11_03_13_moths_060_early_grey

Plume Moth, probably Emmelina monodactyla

The very variable Common Quaker

The Common Quaker above with a Hebrew Character

1 comment:

Greenie said...

John ,
Nice haul of moths there .
I think your Holly Blue could get you on the first sightings list again .
Shame the Adders didn't show .
Had that 'bad weather in December' conversation with the Sec. of KRAG , we monitor a couple of sites . He says that the colder the better , as the animals will stay in hibernation rather than come out in a mild spell , which could then turn cold again .
Good luck with the M/S camera .