Sunday, 5 February 2012

Making Tracks

With c. 4-5inches of snow falling during the night it was worth getting out locally to see what evidence of mammals could be seen in the nearby area. Fox and rabbit tracks were certainly in evidence and it was surprising to also find badger tracks as well as a fresh latrine. I would have expected badgers to remain underground given the cold and snow. Birdwise a bullfinch calling at Longfield Chalk Bank, 34 meadow pipits around Pinden Quarry and 32 Skylarks and 41 golden plover over Churchdown Wood.

The lack of wind provided the usual magical snowfall experience.


Churchdown Wood. The same spot looking southeast (above) and northwest (below), given that I thought the snow showers were coming from the northeast it’s odd that the snow is sticking to the southern aspect of the tree trunks.


Churchdown Wood.


Looks like cotton wool rather than clumps of snow.


Fox tracks, scrambling up the side of a bank.


Longfield Chalk Bank KWT reserve.


Tangle of tree branches.


The small meadow that is Longfield Chalk Bank.

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