Saturday, 25 February 2012

Winter or Spring?

Back on the 5th Feb it looked like this.


Then 20 days later, so we are still in February, we have a beautiful almost windless, blue sky day with temperatures in excess of 10°C. It was so lovely in my back garden that I got the garden furniture out and enjoyed a cuppa in the sunshine. If only I felt better from this bloomin flu/cold thing that I cannot seem to shake off. Still a quick look around the garden produced a few surprises. At least 20, 7 spot ladybirds had emerged and spring was definitely in the air as I found a pair coupled.


A couple of hoverfly species were also around in numbers, not just singles.

Episerphus balteatus or marmalade hoverfly12_02_25_garden_episerphus_balteatus_027

Eristalis tenax, the drone fly.12_02_25_garden_eristalis_tenax_021

Green Shieldbug, in the winter they go a dark reddish-brown.12_02_25_garden_green_shieldbug_032 

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