Friday, 23 May 2014

Local Checkup

A quick look at the local Kent Wildlife Trust roadside nature reserve, the grass verge opposite and the Rectory Meadow nature reserve for emerging or emerged orchids resulted in not seeing that many. In fact I only found three man orchids on a site where in the recent past I have found up to 70.

Still after a bit of searching I did find what I think are some emerging man orchids so maybe the majority are yet to appear, fingers crossed.

On the opposite side of the road to the KWT roadside nature reserve is a grass verge which last year was damaged and used as a storage area for equipment used to repair a railway bridge. The grass verge is home to some of the best bee orchids I have seen in Kent so I'll be checking as regularly as I can to see if any have survived.

Here is a taster of what the actual plants can look like. The first year I found them I had one plant with eight flowers on it.

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