Friday, 11 July 2008


Spent the morning at the Kent County Show helping out at the Kent Mammal Group stand. At £17.00 for adult entry I think it has to be one of those events were you only really go if you have a specific purchase in mind especially as most of the supplier stands were offering show discounts. A lot of effort had gone into setting up the KMG stand and I think it looked really good.

The enthusiasm of visitors to the stand was contagious and with a large map of Kent at the back of the stand we were able to obtain a lot of casual mammal sighting records, some of which will certainly help with the forthcoming new Kent mammal atlas. It was interesting to note that many people commented on the scarcity of hedgehogs whereas some locations in Kent seemed to be just bristling with mammals.

Some of our stars had to be enticed out of their hiding places, here Hazel Ryan gives a field vole some gentle encouragement mind you the wood mouse next door was also fast asleep.

Not the harvest mouse though, such a small and cute beastie with a wonderful prehensile tail. This chap was definitely the star performer of the morning.

If you do head off to the show please drop in to the wildlife area and say hello to the folks manning the Kent Mammal Group stand. They'll be pleased to see you.


Cheryl said...

Good post....promoting local events....It must have been an interesting morning...

I have a woodmouse nesting in one of the bluetit boxes at the moment.....we get a lot in the garden due to the mixed hedgerow planting.....

Greenie said...

John ,
Thanks for the moth ID .
Do they do mortgages for the entry fee at Detling ?
Great to see the Harvest Mouse , I haven't seen one in the wild for many a long year .