Sunday, 6 July 2008

Longfield - Moths

A good variety of moths last night. Pale mottled willow 1, riband wave 4, burnished brass 1, elephant hawk moth 1, shuttle shaped dart 1, heart and dart 3, heart and club 4, garden carpet 1, buff ermine 2, common footman4, rustic 3, least carpet 1, willow beauty 1, dark arches 3, bright-line brown eye 1, single-dotted wave 1 and a species of micro moth in the pyralid group call Chrysoteuchia culmella 4.
Burnished Brass. One of my favourites.

Heart and Club

Buff Ermine, so called because of the furry ermine like hair on the thorax. This one is a male because of the feathered antennea.

This one is a female with the unfeathered antennea.


Cheryl said...

Hi John...thank you so much for all the info you left on my blog.....
Lovely post....photographs are wonderful....I like the Buff Ermine.....I find it strange that so many people dislike moths, I think the variety of colours and pattern on them are stunning. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suspose!!

Greenie said...

John ,
Great set of pictures , as usual . I have several moth photos in need of ID . I might add them one at a time to my blog in the hope of getting the answers .

abbey meadows said...

Burnished brass is one of my favourites too but it's a few years since I have seen one.

Warren Baker said...

nice pics. of the moths John. I wish I had time to learn all those names!