Saturday, 26 July 2008

Longfield - Moths

For me there is always a risk of catching the same moths again running the trap on consecutive nights but with such hot weather I had to try so I waited until a little later in the night before switching the lamp on and managed to get a few different species this time.
Brown tail 1, riband wave 4, brimstone 3, Endotrichia flammealis 1, dark arches 3, bright-line brown eye 1, brown line bright eye 1, marbled beauty 1, garden carpet 1, common rustic 1, least carpet 1, uncertain 1, the coronet 1, square-spot rustic 1.

Brown-line Bright Eye, not to be confused with Bright-line Brown Eye!

Marbled Beauty

The Coronet


Cheryl said...

How can people think moths are boring....the intricate patterns on them are amazing......

Greenie said...

John ,
Glad you sorted the Mullein , I wouldn't have slept .
Super photos as usual .
Moth ID required on mine when you have a chance please .

Warren Baker said...

Like the moth shots john, I take it you don't get up early for work!