Sunday, 25 May 2008


I'd been told about a site where there were good numbers of white helleborines in flower so as I was in the area I decided to take a look. This area of narrow country lanes looked fantastic and amongst a stand of sycamores was a group of beech trees and below these the helleborines. Late afternoon, little breeze and dappled sunlight through the canopy.

White Helleborine

On the roadside verge I noticed this large snail, certainly the largest snail I have seen in the UK. I've identified it as Helix pomatia the roman snail or edible snail. It is now protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, due to its numbers suffering serious decline. This is a big snail, as the penny hopefully helps to indicate.

Helix pomatia

Just by the car there was a set aside field and within it was this lovely brown hare just catching a few rays.

Brown Hare


Tony Morris said...

Hi John, I'm getting a bit jealous, not really been out to see the orchids yet. Now that I'm a bit more mobile I hope to get to Yockletts and take some pictures.

John Young said...

Hi Tony. Go for it, I wouldn't leave it too much longer though. Cheers, John

Simon said...

Some more great photos Tony, welldone.

Steve said...

Great pictures John. Like Tony I haven't been out looking for Orchids yet this have a great collection of pictures already this year. Which lens are you using? have you seen the Ophrys web site linked off of my blog?

John Young said...

Hi Steve. For most of the flower shots I use my canon 60mm macro f2.8. I don't really have a suitable tripod that allows me to take portrait shots so I handhold and use high speed drive mode hoping that one or two shots will be in crisp focus. I like the Ophrys site and have learnt a few photoshop techniques from there. Cheers, John