Friday, 30 May 2008

Longfield - Chalk Bank

I'm lucky to have this small KWT reserve almost on my doorstep although it is a shame to see how some of the locals treat it. It is home to a small plant called grey mouse-ear which whilst common and unthreatened in Europe only exists on 3 sites in the UK and only 1 in Kent, at Longfield. For me, the problem is that common mouse-ear also occurs on the reserve and the two are very alike, making identification tricky. Flowering in early May, i'll now have to wait until next year to have another go at seeing it.

Whilst overcast this morning it was warm and a few beasties were around, including a few day flying moth species one of which I was able to identify as burnet companion.

Burnet Companion

I have also managed to see slow worm here on a few occasions and luckily a female today. Females have these dark lines down the length of their bodies.

Slow Worm (female)

I then noticed this resting female common blue butterfly.

Common Blue (female)

A few birds around too with 2 blackcaps, 2 green woodpeckers, 1 great spotted woodpecker and 2 chiffchaffs.


Simon said...

Great photos John. I especially like the 2 Common Blue shots.

joshjenkinsshaw said...

Nice photos John! I also live near a tiny KWT reserve which is a grazed heath, alhthough I haven't explored it much yet!

Steve said...

Nice shots John. The first Common Blue is particularly good. do you use you 300 f4 for Macro? I hear it is good for macro shots. I have been using my sigma 180 macro alot recently (even for the Little Owl shot on my blog as I'd left it on the camera!!!)

Warren Baker said...

Nice little collection of wildlife there John. I must try harder with my photo's!

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

I put the trap but didn't get anything! I think just need to but a MV Bulb!