Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Queendown Warren

Arriving just before 09:00, I decided to check for adders first. Since my last visit the undergrowth had grown up but I still managed to find 2 females. I also checked the east bank and still didn't connect with any there, maybe one day. Some of the white helleborines at the top of the west bank had started to come into flower as well as the fly orchids at the bottom of the west bank. The early spider orchids are now over. Wasn't expecting a couple of dragonfly species but managed to see a couple of broad bodied chasers and what was probably a hairy dragonfly or a common chaser but I couldn't be sure. Always find it a strange place to see Mediterranean gulls but as usual I heard and then saw a great adult drifting around.

Next stop was Riverside C.P. and also Berengrave LNR to look for grass snake but no luck.

White Helleborine

Male Broad-bodied Chaser

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