Friday, 6 June 2008


In spring 2005 the Foresty Commission purchased Jeskyns Farm, Cobham with the aim of creating a ‘community woodland’. Given that it is a short drive from Longfield, this is only my second trip but it is already looking great and will be a fantastic nature site and public space in the future.

There are a lot of trees being grown across the site but there are also 3 or 4 places which are going to be left as meadows and a couple of these already show impressive wild flower displays.

Jeskyns with wild meadow in far distance.

One of the meadows, with cornflower, white campion, ragged robin, red campion, oxe eye daisy and corn chamomile at least.

Cornflower. A scarce naturally occurring wild flower of calcareous soils. I'm guessing these have been seeded by the Forestry Commission although I think they do occur naturally at Ranscombe Farm which is only a couple of miles further east. A fantastically rich blue colour against the whites of the daisy's and chamomile.

The meadow areas are especially popular with corn bunting and skylark. On one wire I had 7 corn buntings with much singing, just great.

Corn Buntings

There are a few ponds as well with skylarks coming down to drink. This particular bird shows off the length of the hind claw quite well.


Another meadow area was just crammed with ox-eye daisies.

Amongst them the odd vipers bugloss.

With the Biggin Hill airshow over the weekend I was pleased to see this B25 Mitchell bomber fly over. What a great sound from the twin radial engines. I am a bit of a closet military aircraft enthusiast as well.


abbey meadows said...

Those meadows look fantastic. Great shots. Co-incidantally I have posted a pic of Vipers bugloss on my own blog today.

Steve said...

Nice post John. Where exactly is Jeskyns? Not a place I am aware of.

Warren Baker said...

Great Skylark shot John. I tried to ''do'' a wildflower meadow in my garden..........but it was far to fertile and it all grew way to wild!!

Kingsdowner said...

Stunning Cornflowers, which I regret to admit I've never seen in the wild. A trip to Cobham is called for, but I must do something about my carbon footprint :-{