Sunday, 8 June 2008

Longfield Moths

National Moth Night. Pleased I could set the mv trap for it, especially as it had been raining earlier in the evening. A good nights catch ensued with white ermine 3, buff tip 1, clay 1, minor sp. (Oligia) 4, clouded silver 1, pale mottled willow 2, heart & dart 3, turnip moth 1, green pug 2, rustic shoulder knot 2, willow beauty 1, light brocade 1, treble lines 1, uncertain 1, cypress carpet 1.
Hedgehog in the garden overnight.
Green Pug

Clouded Silver

Cypress Carpet. First recorded in Kent in 1999 at Dungeness. This is my second record from Longfield so it must be spreading around the county quite well.

Light Brocade. What a little cracker, beautifully marked.

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