Sunday, 29 June 2008

Longfield - Moths

Was expecting better from the trap last night given the warm temperature, but I guess not too bad, probably more a sign of the times.

Buff ermine 1, small magpie 1, willow beauty 2, common wainscott 1, garden carpet 1, heart & dart 7, rustic 3, turnip moth 2, dark arches 5, green pug 1, figure of eighty 1, bright-line brown eye 2.

Figure of Eighty


Cheryl said...

What a fabulous moth....
We have a lot of moths here...I plant to attract them....I also have bats in the loft.

It is quite amazing but more often than not I will have 3 or 4 moths on the front door each seems a favourite spot for some reason.

Greenie said...

Super close up John . Have dabbled with them , but too much else going on . Perhaps one day ,till then I'll enjoy yours .