Saturday, 14 June 2008

Longfield - Moths

A much better night for the moth trap with overcast skies, no moon and some lingering warmth which produced a good catch compared to the previous night.
Angle shades 1, white ermine 3, pale mottled willow 2, broken-barred carpet 1, green pug 2, heart & club 1, small magpie 2, Udea olivalis 1, heart & dart 9, clay 2, varied coronet 1, brimstone 1, rufous minor 1, water carpet 1, minor sp 5, setaceous hebrew character 1, large yellow underwing 1 and turnip moth 1.

Turnip Moth, lets face it not known for their great markings but I like them.

Rufous Minor

Heart and Dart

Broken-barred Carpet, I think?

Brimstone (Is this a better looking beastie than brimstone butterfly?)


Steve said...

Some great moth records you get John...I don't get many in mysmall garden I am afraid

Warren Baker said...

I love moth names, keep 'em coming John

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Stunning John, I've always wanted to do a moth trap, your photos will do for now though. Got a mouse to try and film for now.