Friday, 6 June 2008

Longfield - Moths

Another good night in the mv trap.
Common pug 2, light emerald 2, willow beauty 3, common wainscott 1, uncertain 1, rustic 1, common rustic 1, angle shades 1, marbled minor 1, privet hawk moth 1, elephant hawk moth 1, treble lines 1, light brocade 1, turnip moth 4, shuttle-shaped dart 1, garden carpet 1, heart and dart 1, white ermine 1, large nutmeg 1, rustic shoulder knot 1.

Elephant & Privet Hawk Moths

Elephant Hawk Moth. This is a male, because of the pointed tip to the abdomen, a female would have a more square ended tip. The English name of this moth is derived from the caterpillar's resemblance to an elephant's trunk. It is one of my favourites, what a cracker!

Privet Hawk Moth


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi John, great selection of moths there, and well done with the elephant hawkmoth, the photos are great! I ordered a 100W blended bulb on wednesday so i hope it will be here soon!

Steve said...

Super haul of moths John never seen Privet Hawk Moth...looks a good one!