Sunday, 1 June 2008

Longfield - Moths

A good night for moths with an overcast sky, hardly any breeze and not too cold. With my mv trap I caught 36 moths of 23 species. The nights list being:
Heart and dart 1, buff-tip 1, light emerald 1, cinnabar 1, marbled minor/tawny marbled minor 2, angle shades 2, treble lines 4, grey pine carpet 1, garden carpet 1, pale mottled willow 1, common marbled carpet 1, common pug 2, the campion 1, turnip moth 1, light brocade 2, white ermine 1, willow beauty 3, clay 1, uncertain 3, large nutmeg 2, rustic shoulder knot 2, lime-speck pug 1, treble brown spot 1.

Willow Beauty

Light Emerald

Light Brocade

I'm unsure on this next one. I have it down as clay but it is a bit early but doesn't quite tick all the right boxes for white-point which would be better given the date. Any thoughts out there?

Clay ?

Angle Shades

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Thats a great selection you got there John! I put mine out as well and I actually got 4 moths of 3 species which was quite exciting for me!
Treble lines (2)
Common marbled carpet(1)
Green carpet.(1)
Photos on my blog